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Sonal Parikh
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The USi team specializes in creating powerful solutions to the most complex engineering, management, and network communication challenges. We provide our clients with innovation solutions and services and are proud of becoming a member of the SeaPort-E community with the award of an IDIQ contract to provide professional services for NAVSEA Program Executive Officers, Directorates, and field activities in Zone 2.

Established in 2005, USi is a small woman owned disadvantaged business, certified 8(a) by the Small Business Administration and also certified a Minority Business Enterprise (MBE) in Virginia, as well as Maryland. Headquartered in Reston Virginia with an office in Fairfax, we are recognized as a trusted provider of information technology, learning technologies, and mission-critical on-site support services for commercial, Federal, and State Government customers.

Our core business areas include:

  • Information Technology Services - Knowledge management, technology assessments, Internet/intranet design and development, application design, custom databases, network design, and help desk operations.
  • Mission-Critical On-site Support Services - Operational support at customer sites, back office support,
    project management and administrative support.

Description of the Contractor’s Quality Assurance Program

Satisfaction of customer requirements is the number one priority of USi. To achieve customer satisfaction, USi adapts and tailors a set of established, mature processes and procedures to meet individual Task Order needs. These encompass all aspects of support. We use these processes to provide consistency and repeatability to support our customers. USi will further tailor the processes as required to provide a flexible, scalable portfolio of processes that ensures the success of our deployment response capabilities. Our tailored processes allow the team to be more responsive and flexible to changing requirements while maintaining the ability to monitor and control TO execution. Feedback and lessons learned are a critical component; further driving process tailoring.

We bring extensive experience implementing and applying standard procedures by which we can perform, monitor, and control Task Orders, thus assuring the quality of our products and services. Our processes and methodologies are constantly reviewed and refined in response to changing program requirements, lessons learned, and advances in management tools and techniques.

As part of our commitment to ensuring that every deliverable and service is delivered to the highest standards of quality, we have a dedicated Quality Control Officer and other Quality Control personnel in our management structure. We work to establish and refine procedures for the development and delivery of all products and services and verify that Task Order products and services are sound, meet the requirements of the Task Order, and function as specified in the Task Order. Using an iterative approach, we test all deliverables using industry-proven test methods following the guidance established between the QA personnel and the customer. Only when testing verifies that the products and services have passed all necessary test criteria will the USi Program Manager confirm that the product is complete and ready for delivery.

USi's Quality Management System (QMS) Increases Value

USi's QMS provides increased value to the Government by taking the following measures to ensure quality:

  • Perform detailed early planning, including a thorough evaluation of program requirements and interrelationships, so that QA is built into all activities
  • Maintain frequent and open communication to ensure that all team members and customer representatives are fully informed at all times on issues pertaining to the contract
  • Carefully review the requirements for each task to understand what the customer wants and establish quality standards for each requirement
  • Design and document customized QA procedures and checkpoints based on USi's QA Plan and project requirements
  • Identify any risks that might affect our ability to meet the requirements and take action to mitigate or reduce those risks
  • Assemble a team of the best and most qualified people to perform the required work and provide them the tools and support needed to produce a quality product
  • Implement QA procedures and standards for each phase of a project, including corrective measures and process/product improvement guidelines
  • Monitor performance and adherence to our quality processes throughout project
  • Perform ongoing internal and external checks and reviews to ensure that standards and requirements are being met and maintain quality records Perform qualitative and quantitative assessment analysis using observation, interviews, and review of records to detect quality issues that need to be addressed through training or process improvement based on lessons learned

This systematic approach ensures that quality is addressed continuously throughout the duration of the contract.

The objectives of our QMS include:

  • Focusing on the prevention rather than the resolution of problems by implementing effective quality processes
  • Holding all personnel accountable for the quality of their products and services
  • Encouraging continual improvement in work processes, procedures, techniques, tools, and standards to increase the quality, timeliness, and cost-effectiveness of performance
  • Delivering products and services that meet or exceed customer expectations and are compliant with applicable contract and project requirements
  • Applying USi's quality processes that have been developed and refined over the years.
  • Customizing processes based on input from team members and the Government and the specifics of Task Order requirements

The benefits of this approach to the program are innovative, quality training solutions produced in less time, with less risk, and at a lower cost.


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