Unified Communications

USi’s unified Communications solution accommodates a range of critical capabilities including scalability, security, redundancy, and real-time network management. And it simplifies your deployment of IP telephony and other new applications, such as desktop VTC, video-on-demand, and streaming video. Based on openstandard architecture, our solution extends the reach of legacy systems and supports variable and diverse demand. By fully integrating voice, data, and video communications, we help you decrease configuration and maintenance requirements while increasing interoperability with numerous applications. Also integrated into the IP telephony platform are Voice over IP (VoIP) management tools that heighten network visibility and control and monitor the network, allowing you to achieve required QoS levels. Plus, our UC solution ensures that your newly converged voice/data network meets the highest standards for audio quality and reliability. The flexible nature of IP communication endpoints allows a single device to achieve greater functionality, such as web access, broadcast alert, video conferencing, and other collaboration capabilities. IP phones have unique user IDs, making MACs virtually instantaneous. In addition, all user privileges and settings can be automatically reestablished, eliminating the cost and delay of sending technicians to wiring closets. To support your end users, mobile phones can also be linked to the network, providing one-number connectivity and bypassing tolls.



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