Database Engineering

USi's Database Management Solutions are the most cost-effective way to build out new databases and proactively administer and monitor existing databases, ensuring overall reliability, scalability, efficiency and dependability.

USi’s complete line of database service includes:

  • Database Administration
  • Database Monitoring
  • Database Architecture and Development
  • Database Replication
  • Data Warehouse
  • Database Reporting
  • Database Encryptions

Optimize your database performance

USi's database engineers can carefully monitor your database performance to identify and eliminate bottlenecks, poorly performing queries or faulty schema that impacts your application. A few hours a month of database optimization and analysis can save unnecessary expense on hardware and help you get the most out of your delivery environment.

Backup and Disaster Recovery

Our engineers can design a disaster recovery solution for your database that meets your needs. Well planned backup and restoration of your database might be the single most important part of maintaining your business, and doing it poorly could cost you precious hours in the event of a catastrophe. Building smart backup strategies, testing restoration polices and adjusting as your environment changes is a critical engineering service.

Business Continuity

Most revenue-generating applications have more responsive needs than simple backup and restoration. Building real-time replication of databases that can immediately fail-over without transaction loss may be a mandatory expectation for your application. Replicating your database to warm standby instances... even replicating to databases instances over a wide area network to multiple data centers, is easily achieved when you have the engineering resources from USi.

And if your application needs to scale, our engineers are very adept at designing read-only replication clusters that can keep pace with even the most demanding needs.


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