Cyber security

Cyber security is a growing problem for businesses and one for which there is no simple solution. The number of companies, organizations and governmental agencies that have been hacked seems to grow daily, representing a mounting threat to companies' information security. And confronting the issue can be an exercise in frustration, because it often seems that as soon as one vulnerability is addressed, another emerges. But best practices are emerging for managing and mitigating cyber risks, and the insurance market is developing coverages to help limit the bottom-line impact of breaches.

Cyber crime has witnessed a considerable rise during the economic recession, partly attributed to the decreased focus of enterprises on computer and cyber security coupled with the growing desperation of people to generate quick income. Resurgence of viruses, banker Trojans, and fake anti-virus software continue to drum up media headlines and industry concerns. Additionally, the rise of social-networking websites and smartphones has created new outlets for propagation of malware. The growing popularity of social networking sites, and increasing availability of company infrastructure 'in the cloud' have exposed global enterprises to higher levels of security threats. As a response to customer fears, organizations are seeking various proactive strategies to prevent the brand damage resulting from data breaches and identity-related fraud. While the recent economic recession forced substantial cutbacks in IT spending across several developed nations, it has however intensified the focus of business enterprises on cyber security solutions in a bid to minimize cyber crime induced financial losses, avoid high cost of security breaches, and safeguard organization's reputation. Concurrently, the need to comply with various industry standards and regulations has also driven organizations to invest heavily in cyber security solutions.

USi engineers are experts in protecting information wherever it resides. Our approach to security services provides our clients with the capability to effectively manage risk and protect mission-critical data. USi's Cybersecurity allows organizations to minimize the risk and worry associated with protecting data and shifts the focus back to fundamental business goals and objectives.

Because of the growing number of complex private and public networks that make up government and corporate infrastructure the deployment of endpoint-based CyberSecurity is no longer sufficient. USi offers cloud-computing applications and services which provide a security approach that protects the privacy and integrity of information, including:

  • Threat Detection and Defense
  • Cloud Computing and Information Assurance
  • Identity-Based Network Solutions
  • Secure Remote Access

Our Approach

USi constantly revisits its approach to security issues so that we deliver the mostly timely solution tailored to the customer's specific needs. This approach features several critical discriminators.

Vendor Independence

USi delivers security solutions that incorporate a diverse range of products and manufacturers. Customer needs, rather than revenues from resale agreements, drive our decisions.


Our security experts work seamlessly with customer development teams.

Business Sensitivity

USi security experts mitigate risk in a manner that is consistent with customer best practices and corporate goals and objectives so that our customer's unique business requirements drive the most appropriate security solution.

For an overview of our Cybersecurity services and more information on how USi can address your unique challenges and benefit your specific areas of interest, call (703) 222-0894 or contact This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it



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