IT Asset Management

The discipline of IT asset management is essential for organizations to effectively demonstrate the value of information and communication technology investments for the business. Knowing which IT assets you have and how they are used has become a challenge in today's complex and ever evolving IT infrastructure. The typical IT infrastructure has many different assets of various types, and new assets that are being deployed daily to support the evolving business needs. Tracking hardware and software inventory has become a burden for many IT managers. But taking IT inventory is not enough. Once you gain control over your IT inventory, the next step is to correlate them against the related financial assets, such as contracts, software licenses or service agreements, to understand how they relate to the business and take any actions required. IT Asset Management will help you easily track your assets and understand how they impact your business.

Challenges Addressed by IT Asset Management

  1. Knowing which assets you have, where they are, and their configuration.
  2. Easily auditing your entire infrastructure, and deploy proper hardware asset management processes.
  3. Tracking changes to your assets, such as new computers or software installations.
  4. Planning IT migrations and new IT projects.
  5. Correlating IT assets against business financial records such as contracts and licenses.

IT Asset Management Benefits

IT Asset Management can help reduce the cost of administrating your hardware inventory, improve security and ensure you are always ready for your next IT audit.

  1. Reduce IT costs by better managing and administrating your IT assets.
  2. Ensure software compliance by knowing what you have and what you use.
  3. Align IT with business goals to support business decisions such as purchasing or renewals.
  4. Improve productivity by empowering the IT administration team to easily track and manage assets and their changes.
  5. Detect unauthorized and illegal software by adopting a software usage policy and easily detecting any policy deviations.

USi's IT Asset Management solution drives down IT costs, increases service management efficiency, and reduce security and compliance risks. USi complements the incident, problem and change management capabilities of Service Manager with powerful IT asset life cycle management and software license compliance. It also helps you minimize your costs by streamlining your entire IT asset lifecycle - from purchase to recycle or disposal - and by managing it more effectively. It will automate the complexities of asset tracking and provide you with accurate, up-to-date and complete asset intelligence.



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